All the Complaining!

I keep hearing people complain about the President. I constantly receive forwarded emails that contain nothing but griping and complaining about the direction our country is going, and about its leadership. Who truly holds the power in our society? Have we, the people, no longer any power to do anything but complain to each other? If we continue in this course of action, we will indeed find ourselves without power.

Here are some facts that can help all of us who love God:

1. God sets up kings and takes down kings.
2. If God wanted us to have a different President, we would have another.
3. We have a president who, if God allows it, will be our nation’s leader until his term has ended.
4. We all have the power to do something more than gripe about our country’s leadership.
5. The President can do little without the support of Congress.
6. Congressmen want you and me to re-elect them next term, and they listen to big groups of people who can sway the vote.
7. You, the individual, can make a difference in this world through the power of the love of God.

Let’s spend less time talking about our leadership, and start working toward a stronger America. How?

Jesus said that all the Law and the Prophets hinge on two commands: love God, and love one another. There is no end to the problems we will create and worsen if we disobey these commands. There is also no problem we cannot solve if we, as individuals, commit to obey these most basic directives given to us by the Almighty.

Love cannot exist without action. What action can we individual Americans take to stop the complaining and start changing the world through the power of the love of God?

1. In order to stop the complaining, do this: stop complaining. This negative behavior is born of self, not of love, and we must cease this destructive activity immediately.
2. Find an issue about which you are personally passionate. Pray for wisdom. Think about the problem. Make a plan. Start working on a solution.
3. Encourage others to stop talking and start doing the work.
4. Pray that God will stay His hand of judgment long enough for us to do this work, His work of love and change for the good and the right. Pray that He will forgive us for our apathy, selfishness, laziness, and disdain for the work He has given us to do.

Many Americans today are like 400-pounders sitting on the roof of a luxury apartment eating bon-bons and drinking chocolate milk. We sit and watch what’s going on below: the heartache, pain, and the have-nots. We complain about the bad people who are breaking the foundation of our building with sledge hammers. We complain about the people who are trying to fix the building in a way we don’t like. We ourselves, however, do little or nothing to back up our empty words. Eventually our absence of love (i.e., our hatred) for others will cause the building to collapse, and we will fall with it; and deservedly so.

Is this what our great nation has been reduced to? Will we continue to waste our lives with this constant talk, while doing nothing to right the wrongs? Wake up, America! Rise from your slumber! We must cease being part of the problem, and make ourselves part of the solution. If not, we’ll talk our way into every dismal abyss we’re complaining about being headed for.

Work, for the night is coming. The night is coming, when no man can work.

All Those Lawsuits

Hosea 10:4

“They make many promises, take false oaths and make agreements; therefore lawsuits spring up like poisonous weeds in a plowed field.”