Trust God, Not Man

I read today about a leader who committed suicide rather than face charges brought against him for corruption. One former backer expressed “As a supporter of the values he stood for, I feel greatly let down.”

This brought to my mind a related story I once heard. I was sharing the truth of the Gospel of Christ with a friend. He rejected the Gospel, stating as his sole reason that a man he knew who was a minister disavowed Christ late in life, becoming hostile to everything he had once professed to believe. My friend must have reasoned that if God had done anything of value for the man in life, he would never have rejected God in his final days.

The problem with both of these scenarios is this: man is flawed. If the truth is revealed, man fails every time. The only one who never fails us is God. His Truth will never fail. His Love will never fail. His Word will never fail. These are rocks upon which we can safely build the houses of our faith.

Have you placed your faith in a man? Are your beliefs based on the actions of another imperfect person? Don’t be led by the blind. Only one man ever existed who did no wrong — the only begotten Son of the Living God: Jesus Christ. Turn your eyes to the one true God, the Originator of Truth. Trust in His unfailing love evidenced in the perfect sacrifice of His Holy Son, and never be disappointed.