Flowers on my grave

Do you want someone putting flowers on your grave after you die? ¬†When I think about what I’d want, I honestly don’t place a lot of importance on whether or not anyone puts flowers on my grave. I’d rather be in their hearts and minds, and that their memories find me in the vibrancy and happiness of life. If someone sings a song of mine, or thinks about something I said in life and is encouraged by it, or if my children apply to a decision some wisdom I was able to impart, I’d be much happier than I would knowing they had visited my headstone. This is remembrance to me.

As a believer in Christ, I share communion at His command. He tells His followers to remember His body, broken for us; and his blood, shed in payment for the sins of the world. He also instructs us to hear His words, and to follow them. We’re never directed to visit a physical representation of His life though, such as his tomb, or the site of His death. I think He wants most for us to remember the greatest love ever displayed in His sacrifice; and His words, which along with those of the Father, are the greatest ever spoken.