No Atheists in Foxholes

We’ve all heard the phrase “There are no atheists in foxholes.” I’ve observed over the years that I tend to think I know everything when things are going well in my life. It’s only when times get tough that I realize I didn’t know so much after all. I have a lot fewer answers for things when life is beating me over the head. People naturally seek out God during times of trouble, and they tend to forget Him when things are good.

Something else that happens when we’re on top of the world: we have lots of friends. If you have a lot of money, power, notoriety, whatever — there’s no shortage of friends around. When the bottom falls out and you’re living in your car, a friend is hard to find.

I want to keep perspective on these truths in my life, and:

  • Stay close to God always, regardless of whether or not I need something from Him
  • Be a friend to those around me regardless of their status in life
  • Remember who my real friends are: those who stuck with me through good times and bad.