You’ve got ancestors!

Whoa! I was talking to my dad about our family history this past weekend, and as a result I was finally able to connect my great grandfather with Frampton Dowling, who was probably the first of my ancestors to emigrate from Ireland. Pretty exciting stuff! The crazy part is that I’ve had the documentation for this connection in my files for several years and never noticed it! =S

As a database developer, this has of course inspired me to create my own genealogy software for Mac and Windows, on which task I embarked over the weekend. If you’re into genealogy and have ideas for cool and/or “must-have” features, feel free to leave a comment!

To all those Dowlings out there, if you think you might be a descendent of Frampton Dowling, be sure to check out a book called A Dowling Family of the South, by R.A. Dowling. The book is out of print, but reprints are available at a modest rate from Higginson Book Company in Salem, Massachusetts.

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